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A domain is a reflection of your personality in the digital world. It's exact name and content is up to you.

As an accredited domain registrar, we always provide maximum service.


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DNS Security (DNSSEC)

Thanks to the DNSSEC security system, your domain is given maximum protection. Support for .CZ a .EU domains.

Fast domain registration

Speed is important. Automated registration system will allow you to get a .CZ or .EU domain in no time.

Customer support

Everyone needs help or advice from time to time. Our prompt support is always at your disposal.

Premium service

Included in the price is fully administration of the DNS, redirect (301), IPv6 and other changes.

Registration costs

125 CZK ex. VAT
151 CZK incl. VAT
65 CZK ex. VAT
79 CZK incl. VAT
209 CZK ex. VAT
253 CZK incl. VAT

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Registrationex. VAT / incl. VAT

Renewalex. VAT / incl. VAT



.czCzech Republic125 CZK / 151 CZK199 CZK / 241 CZK
.skSlovakia399 CZK / 483 CZK399 CZK / 483 CZK
.euEuropean Union65 CZK / 79 CZK169 CZK / 204 CZK
.com?Commercial209 CZK / 253 CZK239 CZK / 289 CZK


.bizBusiness279 CZK / 338 CZK279 CZK / 338 CZK
.com?Commercial209 CZK / 253 CZK239 CZK / 289 CZK
.infoInfo269 CZK / 325 CZK269 CZK / 325 CZK
.namePersonal239 CZK / 289 CZK239 CZK / 289 CZK
.net?Internet269 CZK / 325 CZK269 CZK / 325 CZK
.orgOrganization299 CZK / 362 CZK299 CZK / 362 CZK


.barSpecial1489 CZK / 1802 CZK1489 CZK / 1802 CZK
.clubSpecial359 CZK / 434 CZK359 CZK / 434 CZK
.coffeeSpecial710 CZK / 859 CZK710 CZK / 859 CZK
.emailSpecial459 CZK / 555 CZK459 CZK / 555 CZK
.guruSpecial715 CZK / 865 CZK715 CZK / 865 CZK
.menuSpecial795 CZK / 962 CZK795 CZK / 962 CZK
.oneSpecial239 CZK / 289 CZK239 CZK / 289 CZK
.photoSpecial695 CZK / 841 CZK695 CZK / 841 CZK
.proSpecial279 CZK / 338 CZK279 CZK / 338 CZK
.travelSpecial3195 CZK / 3866 CZK3195 CZK / 3866 CZK


.as?American Samoa3478 CZK / 4208 CZK3478 CZK / 4208 CZK
.atAustria590 CZK / 714 CZK590 CZK / 714 CZK
.ccCocos Islands390 CZK / 472 CZK390 CZK / 472 CZK
.co?Colombia875 CZK / 1059 CZK875 CZK / 1059 CZK
.de?Germany299 CZK / 362 CZK299 CZK / 362 CZK
.chSwitzerland689 CZK / 834 CZK689 CZK / 834 CZK
.inIndia689 CZK / 834 CZK689 CZK / 834 CZK
.isIceland1490 CZK / 1803 CZK1490 CZK / 1803 CZK
.itItaly370 CZK / 448 CZK370 CZK / 448 CZK
.laLaos1559 CZK / 1886 CZK1559 CZK / 1886 CZK
.meMontenegro550 CZK / 666 CZK550 CZK / 666 CZK
.pl?Poland599 CZK / 725 CZK599 CZK / 725 CZK
.roRomania1590 CZK / 1924 CZK1590 CZK / 1924 CZK
.ruRussia689 CZK / 834 CZK689 CZK / 834 CZK
.seSweden1089 CZK / 1318 CZK1089 CZK / 1318 CZK
.to?Tonga3370 CZK / 4078 CZK3370 CZK / 4078 CZK
.tvTuvalu1099 CZK / 1330 CZK1099 CZK / 1330 CZK

Unless stated otherwise, domain registration and renewal costs are for one year.

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You can park your domain with us now and set-up web hosting at a later time via our online Account Management interface. Domain Parking is free. You only pay for registration of the domain.

Brochure site

The brochure site plan is enough for a basic HTML website (microsite) and offers one mailbox.
Website storage50 MB
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Priority registration for .CZ domains

Increase your chances to the maximum for getting expired domains.

Are you interested in a .CZ domain that is expired and will soon be available for registration? Contact us! Thanks to our unique priority domain registration system, we increase your chances of registration to the maximum.

Price of this service is 500 CZK without VAT + the fee for registering the .CZ domain. If registration is unsuccessful, we will refund your domain registration fee and if the domain is renewed by current owner, we will refund the full payment.


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