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SSL certificates

Increase the credibility of your website using SSL certificates from ONEbit®.

We offer many types of certificates from certified authorities. It is possible to buy multi-domain certificate for advantageous price.



We provide high quality paid SSL certificates from recognised certificate authorities.


100 % SSL certificate compatibility with the most common web browsers.

Website credibility

SSL certificates from ONEbit® increase the credibility and security of your website.

Validation without waiting

We validate basic certificates within 24 hours of ordering. Advanced certificates require more demanding verification.

Technical support

Choose the type of certificate and leave the rest to us. We generate a CSR and deploy the certificate.


Get a multi-domain certificate for multiple domains and save.

SSL certificates Plans and Prices

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How we deploy certificates

OrgSSL 4 140 CZK ex. VAT / Year

A highly credible certificate recommended for commercial entities.

ExtendedSSL 14 880 CZK ex. VAT / Year

The highest level of security and trust that turns the address bar of your browser green.
Domain validation Yes Yes
Compatibility with browsers 100 % 100 %
Certificate authority verification 1-2 days 3-4 days
Technical support and certificate authority warranty? Yes Yes
Multiple subdomains? Yes Yes
Multiple domains? Yes Yes
Wildcard (optional)? Yes  
Verification of entity’s name Yes Yes
Verification of entity’s address   Yes

Renting of IP addresses

Traffic on your own IP address? Optional Optional
Rental of IPv4 addresses 480 CZKex. VAT / Year 480 CZKex. VAT / Year

CSR (Certificate Signing Request)

CSR? Free Free
Deployment of SSL certificates issued by a third party 500 CZKex. VAT 500 CZKex. VAT
YesIncludes OptionalOptional

How we deploy


We normally deploy certificates with SNI? and technology, which is available under IPv4 and IPv6.


CSR (Certificate Signing Request) is required for the initial validation of the certificate. Creation of the CSR is free if you buy the certificate from ONEbit®.


Thanks to SNI, rental of separate IP addresses — is not required. We will be happy to ensure an IP address for you if you wish to deploy a certificate without SNI.

Are you interested in certificate? Tell us your requirements and we will prepare a concrete offer.
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Discounted certificates

It pays to order SSL certificates for multiple years!

Receive a substantial discount when you buy a certificate for 2 or more years.

Secure websites are more preferred if they have a certificate from ONEbit® hosting.