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Flexible disk space

Flexible disk storage grows together with your website, without incurring additional fees.

High availability

Uptime of more than 100 servers exceeding 99.99 %. That's why we don't hesitate in making guarantees.

Our results speak for themselves

A panel of experts chose ONEbit® hosting as the best PHP hosting service from the 17 leading webhosters in the Czech Rep.

Open Source application support

Plans are configured to ensure smooth operation of OpenSource applications including Drupal, WordPress etc.

Plans and prices

START 0 CZK for 60 days, then 23 CZK ex. VAT / month

Basic tariff for simple websites.

PREMIUM 0 CZK for 60 days, then 150 CZK ex. VAT / month

Elite tariff for the operation of e-shops and the most demanding projects.
Total disk space
What is flexible space?
1 GB guaranteed
25 GB guaranteed
SSD drives for faster web Yes Yes
PHP 5.x / 7.x? Yes Yes
Multi-site hosting / sites allowed? Optional / 1 Yes / 6
Multi-site host. - separate e-mails? Optional Yes
Anti-DDoS protection Yes Yes
AntiMalware protection? Yes Yes
Application installer? Yes Yes
HTTPS, SSL certificate? Free Free
HTTP/2, TLS 1.3 ready Yes Yes
Customer support? Standard Priority
Backup retention period 7 days 28 days
Restoring data from backups? Free Free


Web space (FTP) 700 MB
17 000 MB
Secondary FTP accounts ∞ ∞
FTPLocker? Yes Yes
IPDefender? Yes Yes


E-mail disk space 200 MB
6 000 MB
Number of e-mail accounts 4 ∞
Number of e-mail aliases   ∞
Min. e-mail account size 50 MB 50 MB
Max e-mail account size 200 MB 1 500 MB
SMS notification Yes Yes


Database disk space 100 MB 2 000 MB
Number of MySQL databases ∞ ∞
Secondary MySQL account   ∞
Max database size 50 MB 300 MB
Remote MySQL administration? Optional Yes


Scheduled CRON jobs Yes Yes
Number of CRON jobs 1 50
CRON job interval? 60 min. 5 min.
PHP memory limit? 70 MB 256 MB
Max execution time? 30 sec. 60 sec. / Indiv.
Uptime guaranteed? 99,8 % 99,9 %
Traffic ∞ ∞
Number of 3rd level domains ∞ ∞
Domain redirect (301)? Yes Yes
Tailor-made solutions? Yes Yes

Add-on services

Technician / programmer work? 800 CZKex. VAT / Hr. 800 CZKex. VAT / Hr.
Remote desktop support? 500 CZKex. VAT / Hr. 500 CZKex. VAT / Hr.
YesIncludes OptionalOptional ∞Unlimited

All plans include

  • Normal uptime 99,99 %
  • ONEadmin™ panel?
  • Satisfaction guaranteed?
  • Possibility space reallocation?
  • Web service management
  • Statistics AWStats
  • DNS management
  • Regular backups?
  • .htaccess support
  • Antispam
  • Antivirus
  • Google Mail support


Choice of services Contact information Summary Confirm

1. Choose the plan

   0 CZK for 60 days, then 23 CZK ex. VAT / Mthly.    0 CZK for 60 days, then 55 CZK ex. VAT / Mthly.    0 CZK for 60 days, then 99 CZK ex. VAT / Mthly.    0 CZK for 60 days, then 150 CZK ex. VAT / Mthly.    ? CZK ex. VAT / Mthly.

Tariff Start

Basic tariff for simple websites.
Yes'Convenient starter plan
Yes'Flexible disk space of 1 GB
Free for 60 days

Tariff Home

Advanced multihosting tariff that can even handle OpenSource projects.
YesFlexible disk space of 5 GB
YesMultihosting for 2 domains
Free for 60 days

Tariff Business

Powerful tariff with high availability and priority support.
YesFlexible disk space of 15 GB
YesMultihosting for 4 domains
YesHigh performance
YesPriority support
Free for 60 days

Tariff Premium

Elite tariff for the operation of e-shops and the most demanding projects.
YesFlexible disk space of 25 GB
YesMultihosting for 6 domain
YesPremium performance
YesPriority support
YesAntiMalware protection
YesVIP package options
Free for 60 days

Custom plan

Send us your requirements for an ideal hosting plan and we'll contact you with a proposed solution. We're looking forward to creating a tailor-made plan for you.

2. Add-on packages


+ GB +20 CZK ex. VAT / 1 GB / Mthly.

+ GB
+20 CZK ex. VAT / 1 GB / Mthly.

+ GB
+10 CZK ex. VAT / 0,5 GB / Mthly.

+0 CZK ex. VAT / Mthly.

+20 CZK ex. VAT / Account / Mthly.

+ MB
+20 CZK ex. VAT / 30 MB / Mthly.

+ sec
+30 CZK ex. VAT / 30 Seconds / Mthly.

+ Hr
+10 CZK ex. VAT / 8 Hr. / Mthly.

+ days
+30 CZK ex. VAT / 14 days / Mthly.

549 CZK ex. VAT / Mthly.

More storage space for websites

If you would like to increase the disk space available for your websites, you can do so with this add-on.
YesFull backup
YesMirrored array (RAID)
YesReallocation option
Free for 60 days

More storage space for e-mails

If you would like to increase the disk space available for your e-mail, then you can do so with this add-on.
YesFull backup
YesMirrored array (RAID)
YesReallocation option
Free for 60 days

Larger e-mail accounts

If you would like to increase the maximum allowed mailbox size, you can do so with this add-on.
YesFull backup
YesMirrored array (RAID)
Free for 60 days

Without e-mails

If you would like to use our e-mail services, you can reallocate space to your website (FTP).

Additional multihosting account

This add-on increases the number of allowed websites (multi-site hosting).
YesUnified administration
YesSeparate sites
Sites hosted under one multi-site hosting plan share the available resources. For more demanding websites, we recommend a separate hosting plan.
Free for 60 days

Increase limits

This add-on increases the PHP memory limit for more demanding scripts. The default limit is generally enough for a wide spectrum of websites.
YesIncrease performance
YesMore demanding PHP scripts
Free for 60 days

Increase limits

This add-on will increase the maximum execution time allowed for a PHP script .
YesIncrease performance
YesMore demanding PHP scripts
Free for 60 days

Remote MySQL administration

If you require remote access to your MySQL database from a different computer or server, this add-on will allow it. It's possible to lock down external administration via a specific IP address and time limit.
YesRemote access
YesTime lock
Free for 60 days

Extended backups

All client data is backed up regularly. This add-on allows you to increase the time period that backups are retained.
YesHigher security
YesFree Data Recovery
Free for 60 days

VIP package

A new dimension in shared hosting. Located on a dedicated VIP server that is reserved for a maximum of 10 clients.
YesExtreme performance
YesReserved VIP server
YesParameters to the max
Free for 60 days

3. Domain

Verify domains

Please provide the domain name, select the extension and click on "Check and continue".

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Web hosting Start Home Business Premium Custom   Free for 60 days Free for 60 days Free for 60 days Free for 60 days Free for 60 days ? CZK ex. VAT / Mthly.
Add-on packages Free for 60 days
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VIP package

Do you need high performance web hosting solutions?

For the Premium tariff, we offer a VIP package that ensures superior performance for operation of your website. A server is dedicated to a maximum of 10 customers, so you always have enough system resources.

Solutions more powerful than VPS? VIP!

Time to get back to work! Our most popular „BUSINESS“ plan makes it easy. Now available for a special price.

  • Valid for the order of a new BUSINESS hosting plan for 12 months and/or for an order that increases your current plan to BUSINESS, until the end of the prepaid period.
  • If you order the BUSINESS plan with additional hosting packages, the discount applies to them as well.
  • The discount applies to orders made at https://www.onebit.cz/webhosting/ and https://www.oneadmin.cz/onebit/.
  • This offer is limited in time and cannot be combined with other discounts or special offers (excluding special price offers for domains).